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A pioneer in offering web-based pre-recruitment training for Banks & Insurance Exams, overhauls Learning Management System to achieve faster scalable growth. Faced with some critical issues, they reached out to PQube for a solution. Our Web based Applications along with a structured framework and methodology for custom web solutions helped them improve efficiency by demonstrating superior, consistent and predictable performance.

The Challenge

The functionality of their web-based Learning Management System was determined to be the cause of the following issues:
Inability to provide flexible and custom tailored e-learning solutions to prepare for online banking and CWE exams.
Critical issues of unfavorable competitive positioning.
Unpredictable service usage with steep peaks and troughs.

How We


How We Helped

How PQube Catered to Their Needs:

A team, comprising of the client’s Board of Directors and PQube experts, worked to completely overhaul the Learning Management System with ability to scale, provide a fast and light-weight user experience, and a flexible system to incorporate newer ideas at a much faster pace. Using proven methodology for custom web solutions, we created a platform that focused on:

How PQube Helped

A fully responsive and adaptive web platform for online learning.
Create an easily manageable Content Management System (CMS).
Scalable and affordable operational needs.
A complete internal audit system for Content updates using Maker-Checker permissions.
LMS Reports for both customers (students) and for clients (trainers & educators).
Extend the platform to expand the business to include classroom training.
Extend the platform to provide technology support for both client business team and for client franchises.



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Our Clients