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Banking Recruitment Total Solutions

A pioneer in offering web-based pre-recruitment training for Banks & Insurance Exams, overhauls Learning Management System to achieve faster scalable growth. Faced with some critical issues, they reached out to PQube for a solution. Our Web based Applications along with a structured framework and methodology for custom web solutions helped them improve efficiency by demonstrating superior, consistent and predictable performance.

The Challenge

The functionality of their web-based Learning Management System was determined to be the cause of the following issues:


How PQube Catered to Their Needs:

A team, comprising of the client’s Board of Directors and PQube experts, worked to completely overhaul the Learning Management System with ability to scale, provide a fast and light-weight user experience, and a flexible system to incorporate newer ideas at a much faster pace. Using proven methodology for custom web solutions, we created a platform that focused on:

How PQube Helped


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“PQube provided seamless delivery and were able to adapt to the changing requirements of our company. The key advantages of working with PQube were: Cost effectiveness, Easy reachability and ability to alter the product as per changed/required scenarios.”


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