What We Do
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eShale aims at making learning simpler and interesting for students and the art of teaching more innovative for teachers, keeping technology as the mode of delivery in all our products and services. Incorporating technologies such as HTML5, Databases and open source software in our services and products along with unconventional ways of getting ideas through. a collaborative set of professionals coming from different background joined hands together to make a difference in lives of students and teachers to bring out quality services free of cost and quality products at a very low cost.

The Challenge

eShale wanted to launch their first Android App for delivering devotional hymns & songs free of cost to everyone. This was their first introduction to mobile app area.


How PQube Catered to Their Needs:

PQubers created simple intuitive and user-friendly Android app to the entire world.

How PQube Helped


logo freeganita
“eShale.org is a not for profit organization working in the field of education since the year 2003. When it wanted to develop an Android music app, they were referred to PQube. They were very professional and transparent in their approach and developed and published the app in an unbelievable short timeframe. We have no reservations in providing referrals to this customer centric organization.”


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