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Embroidery Designs

Embroiderydesigns.com is one-stop online shop for all home and commercial embroiderer with over 800,000 digital downloadable designs and wide selection of all embroidery supplies, equipments, machines and software.

The Challenge

Embroiderydesigns was designed from ground up since 2005 and over the last decade, it has grown leaps & bounds in serving customers globally.

How We


How We Helped

How PQube Catered to Their Needs:

Every aspect of the business and technology for Embroiderydesigns, we have been in the forefront to help the growing business and customer base.

How PQube Helped

The entire suite of all online shopping features including Product, Inventory, Promotions, Discounts, Customer Loyalty programs, Blogs, Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO optimization, Targeted Promotions, Transactional Emails, Instant Search, Product Recommendations, Up-Sell & Cross-Sell products, Data Center deployment, managed by most talented and experienced technology professionals at PQube.
Custom Integrations with Drop-Ship Providers, Global digitizers, Instant Messaging system for vendors & customers and in-house Customer Service portals.
Advanced & scalable file system for handling hundreds of Gigabytes of digital file formats available for instant download for customers after purchase.
Automation of back-end order processing, payment processing, accounting reports, customer service ticketing solutions.
From simple to complex data visualizations for Product Performance, Traffic Analysis, Customer Trends, Search Keyword Trends and complete Data Analytics for business stakeholders to evolve and multiply revenue year-on-year.
Highly scalable server hardware, load-balancing, website content with pagespeed optimizations, distributed databases and network infrastructure to handle over 6 million pageviews.
PCI Compliance and Payment integration solutions.

Our Clients