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Grand Slam Designs

Grandslamdesigns is another online embroidery design platform that was acquired and transitioned to be self-service portal for embroidery enthusiasts in the United States and Canada.

The Challenge

Over the years since Grandslamdesigns existed, it lacked a robust technology platform to scale & grow. Once the business was acquired, the business stakeholders had to ensure that all the digital assets were transformed to a complete online product system.

How We


How We Helped

How PQube Catered to Their Needs:

We helped Grandslamdesigns to quickly upgrade their products to the new eCommerce platform and have been monumental in providing product support including gathering data, generating realistic product images for better shopping experience.

How PQube Helped

Acquisition of all the digital and copyright assets.
Transition all digital embroidery assets into eCommerce product lines.
Automate data collection and generate thousands of design images without any manual intervention.
Provide custom administrative portal for cross-brand CSR agents to assist customers seamlessly.
Email Marketing & SEO optimizations.
Automated email delivery for Abandoned Cart and Wishlist conversions.
Pay-per-click marketing.
IP Whitelisting for delivering large volumes of weekly newsletters and product promotions using ReturnPath certifications.
Google Adwords, Google Search Console management.
Customized dashboards and Data Analytics.



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