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Liventus Inc (USA)

Starting with a small in-house mission of automating recurring tasks for a financial services company in Chicago since 2002, Liventus grew exponentially over the last decade to become its own organization specializing in providing Custom Business Solutions and Business Process Automation to both sister companies and Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

The Challenge

End-to-end organizational setup from finding the right talent to following industry standards in automated technology and software development life cycle, we played an invaluable role, with the help of business tycoons at Liventus, Inc. A key feather in the cap was setting up offshore office in India and ramping up talent pool to over 100 professionals in 3 years.

How We


How We Helped

How PQube Helped

Hiring interns to experienced professionals in all walks of software development.
Automation of Organization structure and Process Management.
Customizing industry project management tools to meet the specific needs of distributed offices around the world.
Automation of recruitment with in-house developed Hiring Platform with Talent Score Index.
Extension of their Intranets to a full service HR On-Boarding Platform interconnected with the Hiring Platform.
Automation of Peer Reviews, Employee Appraisals and Transparent all-inclusive model.
Completing the entire software development life cycle with Business Analysts, Quality Testing, Team Leads and Project Managers.
Complete overhaul of Project Management & Process Management solutions for a fully scalable and extensible framework.

Our Clients