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Cloud Solutions We develop and deploy custom cloud-based and cloud-ready applications that live and breathe on most popular platforms – Microsoft Azure , Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud platforms. We also create, design & deploy your own private cloud infrastructure if your business has highly sensitive data. https://www.pqube.in/Assets/logo-cube.png



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Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Azure Cloud


Cloud is enabling an all new platform and infrastructure revolution. The future of all new technology is powered by Cloud based solutions and Cloud computing. We support you in developing robust cloud applications by providing a full range of consulting, development, migration and integration services.

Our team is experienced in packaging services necessary for your business, including database, virtualization and architecture services. Our cloud application development and platform services help business organizations take advantage of the growing number of public and private platform-as-a-service (PaaS) providers, and greatly assist in preparing for the transition to the cloud. Our specific cloud services include:

Cloud enabled application development – Leverage the cloud for developing software solutions to extend agility, speed-to-scale and drastically reduce on infrastructure costs. Our clients benefit from seamlessly scaling their custom applications as they continue to grow without having to re-build or re-develop their existing applications.
Cloud migration services – We work closely with your IT team and managed service providers to migrate apps, workflows and enterprise suite of applications to the cloud with minimal to zero downtime and guarantee data integrity before & after migration.
“As-a-Service” models – We build both Software as a Service (SaaS) and develop applications that can use available Platform as a Service (PaaS) using Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and many more.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Azure Cloud
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