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It is essential to have a website for every business because of various reasons. Websites can be created either by yourself or by hiring a website designer and developer. We understand that not everybody would prefer to invest money in the early stages of business. Hence, we are providing some of the top 10 Best web development platforms available in both free and paid versions.

Websites have replaced phone calls, visiting cards, meetings, referrals, and many more because of its adverse benefits. What More? If at all you are trying to keep up to the market, you must be present online in the form of a website.

Process of launching websites

The traditional way of launching websites is still being used, but the below-mentioned platforms for website development make it easy for you to launch your website without hassles. 

Websites are generally launched by buying a domain name ( along with a hosting package. The design requires a space to park, and the hosting package allows doing it. So, in short terms…launching a website requires both a domain name and hosting package.

Some of the best web development platforms offer both domain name and hosting packages in both free and paid versions. You must know the difference among domains to determine the best option for your firm. 

The website development platforms generally offer a sub-domain instead of a standalone domain ( This may affect your reputation because most of your competitors would be having an autonomous domain (

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Top 10 Platforms used to develop websites.


Wix is one of the top players in the market with a massive number of features and options to launch a website. It has both free and paid options to take up for any customer. There are plenty of designs and themes available on the platform that can be used to make a custom site. 

The affordable paid package helps you enjoy a standalone domain name and professional features while building the website. Wix has gained a reputation in the past few years because of its continuous update in content and designs.


Top Features of Wix

  • Free and paid versions
  • Elegant themes


Squarespace is one of the popular paid web development platforms suitable for both beginners and experts. The cost of the package or the system may sound a little expensive, but worth paying due to its support options.

It offers some of the best designs in the market. Hence, the majority of professionals prefer using the platform to build a complete professional site. The platform provides enough options to make a site similar to a professionally done website. This is enough for any user to pay money and use instead of hiring a web developer or a designer.


Top Features of SquareSpace

  • Best Template designs
  • Easy to use interface

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Website downtime and uptime is one of the crucial factors for every business owner. There is no point in having a website that is not loading to the user most of the time. Weebly ensures to offer upto 99.98% of the uptime. The platform is highly suitable for small businesses or beginners because it lacks designing features and elements.


Top Features of Weebly

  • Suitable for small firms
  • Excellent uptime


SITE123 is a platform that is used by beginners. Not many professionals or business owners care to use due to its user interface. But, it comes with a great set of support team and community. They are always there to help people out while designing. A perfect set of support options play a vital role for beginners because it helps them learn and understand in the initial stage.


Top Features of SITE 123

  • Fabulous support options
  • Suitable for beginners


It is evident that building websites through platforms saves plenty of money. Picking the right platform not only helps you in saving money but also assists you in creating a perfect site. Strikingly is one platform that offers features at low prices. If you have patience in building a website at a low cost, then this is for you to look out and enjoy.


Top Features of Strikingly

  • Cost cost solutions
  • Great Resume website builder


Duda offers some amount of difference compared to other sites in the market. It is a fact that some businesses provide multiple services or products to attract more customers. DUDA is a platform that allows you to develop numerous sites under the same domain name. This lets you view and enjoy analytics and improvise to connect with customers from time to time.


Top Features of DUDA

  • Perfect for small and multiple websites
  • Analytics features


GoDaddy is one of the top shots in offering quality domain and hosting services. The hosting service provider started attracting audiences by providing one of the best website development platforms to build a site. GoDaddy has an inbuilt website builder, and it requires a hosting package from GoDaddy to start. 

It is a paid option, but customers enjoy a standalone domain with a professional hosting package.


Top Features of GoDaddy

  • Expensive
  • Standalone domain options
  • Good support options is one of the best Free web development platforms to build websites. It comes with many inbuilt plugins and themes that can be used to enhance the site in both elegance and features. offers a sub-domain that can be enjoyed for free of cost. is different, which requires experience to build a complete website with a standalone domain name.


Top Features of

  • No Standalone domain name
  • Extensive plugins and themes

Jimdo Creator

Jimdo Creator is highly suitable for users looking forward to building a single page or a product. Many of the professionals prefer using Jimdo to create a resume or a portfolio for themselves or their product. 

Jimdo Creator gives out a free option, but it consists of ads. This may be a disadvantage for some people because it would not look professional while contacting clients and customers.


Top Features of Jimdo Creator

  • High Advertisements
  • Easy to use interface

Constant Contact

Constant contact is similar to other website development platforms in terms of features and options. The primary or the vital characteristics of regular communication is the page load time. For Digital marketing activities, page load time plays a critical role in increasing the web page\’s ranking. You do not worry if you are Constant contact because it gives the least load time among other website development platforms.


Top Features of Constant Contact

  • Amazing Page load time
  • Excellent platform for first-timers


There are different types of web development platforms found online. Your objective and plan determine the final pick. Majority of the above platforms for web development offer both free and paid plans, but comes with a disadvantage in any one of the options.


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