Top 10 Best Ecommerce Websites in India for Consumers

We are living in a generation of online shopping. There is a massive demand for consumers to buy online. There is every kind of online marketplace found with different kinds of products. Today, you can literally buy anything using online sources, but you should know the right portal to avoid hassles. Check out some of the best ecommerce websites in India along with specialities.

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Top 10 Best Ecommerce websites in India




Amazon is one of the top ecommerce sites today because of their extensive product list and a considerable following. Everybody knows that the richest man in the world is Jeff Bezos, who happens to own Amazon. The site is present in every country offering the same kind of services with good quality. 

The site is a marketplace that allows sellers to meet buyers in a portal. The policies of amazon are enhanced based on experience in every country. A revision of policy favourable to both buyers and sellers attracts more sales over some time. Therefore, it is evident that buyers prefer using amazon over other sites while buying different products.

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Flipkart is a fierce competitor for Amazon in India. The marketplace was found in India but later switched the head office to Singapore. Flipkart has hit a huge market share with the help of better user interface compared to amazon.

The ecommerce portal offers almost everything with convenient options to purchase in different ways. There was a time when buyers in India never trusted ecommerce portals because of incorrect shipment and low-quality products. Most of the reputed ecommerce sites have provided a safe return policy to gain trust and continue sales in a healthy way.




Unlike Amazon and Flipkart, Myntra concentrates only on apparels and wearables. This gave a huge advantage for them to pick the market share equally with amazon and Flipkart. The quality of products from Myntra are highly appreciated compared to other portals because of 7 step quality checks. 

The convenient returns and exchange policy have encouraged people to buy from time to time. Gone are the days when people were looking forward to wearing them once before buying because of various reasons. Myntra has offered an option to try most of the apparels before choosing. Trying products gives ample room to return or exchange due to any reason.

eBay India



One of the oldest ecommerce portals in the world is eBay. The marketplace is not secure in terms of shipment and products but offers a wide variety of options to choose. 

The best part about ebay for sellers is the terms and conditions. People don\’t need to set up a business to sell products on eBay. The concept was a huge hit in western countries compared to India because of shipment authenticity. 




Shopclues is one of the top Ecommerce portals in India, offering products similar to Amazon and Flipkart. The service is not astonishing compared to Amazon but offers a decent amount of products to buy conveniently.

The ecommerce site is slow in implementing some of the strict rules applied to both buyers and sellers. This turned out to be a massive drawback in gaining reputation like its competitors. The prices quoted for products are generally less, but due to lack of quality services, they are yet to crack the market like the way they have expected.




Every requirement is considered as a demand in a perfect marketplace. HushPuppies gained the idea of offering pet-related accessories with high quality. As other ecommerce portals focussed on generic products, Hush puppies gained their entry to the market by offering unique products at reasonable prices.

There has been colossal traffic flowing to hushpuppies for some time. They are offering the product at friendly prices without affecting the quality of goods. This plays a vital role for consumers while buying quality products without considering the cost to a significant extent.




Wecomartis one of the new ecommerce portals, that focuses on offering organic products, traditional toys and some rare artefacts. The portal is yet to place themselves with a vast customer base, but the growing consumer base has given an enormous breakthrough in setting up a perfect and foolproof marketplace.

Majority of the sellers found in wecomart are known to have a good reputation in the market. This has helped the portal to gain followers and sales quickly.




Xfurbish approaches refurbished IT product segments, which is not available with any other ecommerce portals. The portal allows both organizations and individuals to buy products based on the actual requirement. 

The terms set in the portal are friendly for both buyers and sellers because it helps in building a transparent room. The marketplace provides options to return and exchange products conveniently. 

There are products listed, which are not available in a generic online marketplace. This helps in gaining attention from consumers because of the demand.

Paytm Mall



Every consumer prefers buying products at low cost. PayTm capitalizes the logic and offers products at meagre costs to beat the competition. The policies have not been friendly for buyers and due to which, they do not have much consumer base.

Paytm Mall does not have quality checks, that turned out as a flaw for the marketplace to generate sales from time to time. One can still find products at low costs that can be purchased at the customer’s risk.




Pepperfry too managed to bag the furniture market in an online environment. Not many people are fond of buying low-quality furniture because it ends up trash within a small duration of time. The cost of products are slightly more expensive than regular ecommerce portals, but balances by offering quality. 

Pepperfry is known for its quality both in terms of assembly and raw materials. Therefore, the marketplace is a massive hit among furniture consumers. The convenient exchange and return options have garnered more consumer flow over a while.


Ecommerce websites are evolving because of both demand and technology. It is time to look forward and make a platform for your customers to visit and buy from time to time. The list of ecommerce websites is all you need to buy essentials for your livelihood.

The above top 10 ecommerce websites can give you all possible products to buy for your livelihood. We suggest people go through reviews and terms before buying products because it helps you understand the quality and the product in a decent way.

PQUBE is one of the reputed ecommerce solutions providers, that allows people to build their site and sell products of your choice.

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