Top IT Companies That are Popular In India 2022

IT companies began the age of the tech revolution in India. The constant need for upgradation, innovation, and \’smart\’ AI integrations in practically everything you see, calls for robust IT companies working round the clock at its backend. 

Convincingly enough, the need for the best IT companies is now emerging at the top of the list like never before. 

Information technology (IT) is the cradle of the new age tech revolution and rightly so it\’s nurturing every software system, server needs and start-up application out there.

The holy triad of IT solutions is at the top of the game for any industry now.  

This surely makes IT companies position a stronghold in the Indian economy more than ever. The IT sector roughly constituted over 8.5% growth in India\’s export revenue in the 2019 fiscal year according to NASSCOM statistics

Exponential growth in areas like cloud computing, AI, machine learning, data science, robotics, IoT, and VR projects makes information technology an absolute must in every innovative venture. 

At the baseline, every industry needs to include web development and CMS systems to run its business. This makes IT a standardized survival need for every small to large scale company. 

India has produced skilled IT professionals throughout the digital transformation era. 

And it comes as no surprise that its largest IT companies are considered the \’gold standard\’  across the globe. 

Enlisting the Best IT Companies In India 2022. 

Here are the best IT companies In India 2022. 


  • TCS as the top it company in india

    Making it to the top of the \”best of IT Companies in India\’ list stands Tata consultancy services in their full glory. 

    TCS is an Indian business service and consultancy provider MNC. It is by far the largest tech giant in India as of its 2020 revenue alone. It stands 64th in the list of Forbes Most Innovative Companies making it the highest ranking Indian software company in itself.

    One of the oldest in the list, founded in 1968, TCS is the fourth largest employer in India with total annual revenue of 22 billion (as of 2021). It boasts of offering the best consultants in the fields of engineering, technology, innovation and business solutions.

    Dealing with the latest Agile digital software solutions it ensures the highest scalability for top firms across the globe. It is also the largest IT firm in terms of market capitalization alone. 

  • Wipro

    Bagging the 2nd position in the list is Wipro or the Western Indian Products limited a popular brand well known for its FMCG products, smart lighting and electrical solutions. As a multinational player and software company it is known for its data innovation, cognitive computing, hyper automation, and cloud analytics, alongside export outsourcing and consultancy services across major countries worldwide. 

  • Infosys

    Not far behind its predecessors is Infosys, a well known multinational IT Group that deals in business consulting solutions, outsourcing services, and software products in the IT market. 

    In terms of revenue figures, it stood second largest (as of 2020). The well known IT giant is known for its domain in finance, insurance, manufacturing and cloud based services. This company is also well acknowledged for hiring its highly skilled technical software professionals and its major presence in export outsourcing services across major countries worldwide.

  • HCL Technologies  

    HCL Technologies is known for its profile in software products, digital integration services and IoT. They also deal in cloud native services, GRC, IoT Works, cyber security solutions, data analytics and engineering services to name a few. Alongside offering software backends and infrastructure management services like BPO, R&D and autonomics for businesses across the globe. It is ranked one of the top domestic software provider companies in India. 

  • Tech Mahindra  

    Another well known tech giant, this large MNC deals in the specific end to end digital integration services including 5G, Blockchain, AI, cybersecurity solutions, export outsourcing and marketing services across major countries around the globe. 

  • Larsen and Toubro Infotech Ltd

    LTI is a home grown Indian MNC. In the stock circles, LTI is known for its market value and shareholder interests. Dealing in business and technology solutions. LTI is known for its custom consultancy services and well trained skilled professionals in export outsourcing for businesses worldwide. 

  • Hexaware Technologies Ltd 

    Is one of the largest growing  IT Companies, BPO and consulting service providers in India. It makes its entry into the list of top Indian IT firms for its unparalleled services in automation and cloud based solutions.HTL is known for its fast global delivery capabilities and is a leader in export outsourcing services across the globe. It stands among the well known promising and upcoming software development companies in India. 

  • Mphasis

    One of the leading technology service providers, Mphasis is known for its sales, delivery and applied technology development. They also provide data analytics, SEO, predictive sales, pitch models and marketing solutions for clients ranging across the various sectors of the economy. 

  • Mindtree 

    Is an Indian IT consulting and services company. Now acquired by Larsen and Toubro, Mindtree is known for its deep domain skill sets and services with enterprise and client engagement for faster digital integration and innovation across all business sectors.  

  • Redington (India) Ltd 

    Providing supply chain logistics, consultancy, e-commerce solutions and much more. Redington is a leading Indian IT company that has made it to the top ten list. 

    Starting with just the distributions of HP peripherals, it added consecutive services and products to their sales list slowly emerging to be India\’s big tech giant over the last decade. 

    With dealers across 24 countries, it made up for over 500 Cr as operating revenue in the financial year of 2020.  With the economy reopening, a larger opportunity lies ahead for this tech company in the coming future. 

  • PQube Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd 

    PQube is an Indian IT business solutions provider, dealing exclusively in cloud solutions with third party integrations like AWS, Azure and Google cloud platforms, custom web development, infrastructure management services and business automation solutions alongside data analytics, digital marketing, mobile apps development, e-commerce solutions and hosting support with much more. 

    PQube offers an initial free consultation with an in-depth conversation about each client\’s business needs and the solutions it can offer. It has helped many leading organizations and  businesses across the globe with software backend support, infrastructure IT, business automation, marketing models, export outsourcing, and consulting services helping them to outreach and expand with continuous growth. 

Closing thoughts – Reprising the best IT Companies in India. 

Undoubtedly, with its highly skilled professionals, exposure and years of outsourcing experience, Indian IT companies are one of the biggest market players in the world. 

With that being said, here ends the comprehensive list of the top ten Indian IT firms among the best software companies around the globe that make business across the world easier and more effective. 


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