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Mobile applications are an integral part of our life because we are highly dependent. Thus, there is a huge amount of competition among companies in building different types of mobile apps to attract users. Smartphones have paved a way for people to lead a life conveniently. 

Mobile apps have been improvising for a long time due to the increasing demand for features. types of mobile applications are classified based on the functionalities. Hence, finding the right kind of app for your requirement plays a vital role while using it. 

If you are an entrepreneur and looking forward to increasing your customers and growing your business, apps play a vital role in connecting the right people. Apps are an extended version of websites and offer a lot of options and value while using regularly.

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Why use an application as a consumer?

It is a known fact that every consumer prefers buying a quality product at reasonable prices. It is easy to find a client or a seller, but finding the source is a challenging part. 

Mobile apps are similar to websites on a mobile phone. Therefore, it is extensively used by people from different parts of the world. This makes way for consumers to find a reasonable seller or a client to make business effectively.

The modern-day eCommerce websites have evolved to a large extent by offering different kinds of options. This allows more consumers to take benefits because it helps them to avoid any kind of online hassles. 

Some of the mobile apps allow users to enjoy common benefits like communication, bookings, shopping, information and social purposes. Look out for applications in the top order to save yourself from unauthorised access to personal information.

How can you use a mobile app for business?

Like everybody knows, Business is all about communication in the initial stages and functionalities in the later stages. The modern-day businessmen are known to perform all the activities related to business on a mobile phone. Mobile applications provide the majority of the things to communicate and work on various aspects in a quick time.

The current day IT applications are known to be available in mobile phones. This is highly convenient for people to access from anyplace because of convenience. Every company looks forward to having productivity to grow in the business. Applications provide an easy source for users to access from the smartphone effectively.

Every organization is into selling products or services of different kinds. It is recommended to have a smooth flow of clients to improve performance. Few mobile applications let you connect with people from all over the world.

6 Different types of Mobile applications

LifeStyle mobile applications

It is a fact that most of the people in the current generation prefer using mobile applications at every stage of everyday life. It is all about how well we know about various apps to understand their functionalities. Some of the apps are known to have extensive features at little extra costs. Every user needs to compare the options available offline with online options. 

Lifestyle mobile applications are everyday usage apps like UBER, ZOMATO, FITNESS and so on. These apps may not charge you extensively, but offer plenty of benefits for users. Users don\’t need to pay money for every app they install and use. There are plenty of free apps found in the market because of increasing demand. The app like ZOMATO makes money or business from both consumers and business owners.

Lifestyle Mobile app examples

  • Fitness and Dating apps
  • Travel apps
  • Food delivery apps
  • Booking apps

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Entertainment mobile applications

Entertainment is a major factor to consider while using smartphones in the current generation. It is possible to spend all day on a mobile phone because of applications. There are piles of options found in the market that can be used to entertain yourselves in various ways.

Some of the apps are known to be addicted, which does not let you change your mind in switching off the screen. Entertainment apps include Music Apps, video apps, book reader apps and so on. During COVID-19 state, movie makers are known to release their new movies on an app platform rather than screens directly. The cost of buying access to the app features have decreased over some time because of the traffic.

This allows every user to subscribe and enjoy content in the app regularly.

Entertainment Mobile app examples

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hotstar
  • Spotify

Ecommerce mobile applications

Ecommerce is a massive industry in the current generation because of obvious reasons. Everything purchasable can be found in E-Commerce applications. The latest invention of security protocols has gained attention among businessmen in increasing their budget towards the eCommerce industry.

To explain the rich eCommerce sector, check out the richest person on the earth and his business. It gives enough ideas about the industry and industry standards. Now, it is time to look forward to knowing more about e-commerce applications. The app provides every possible option to buy a product by comparing with similar products and reviews from genuine customers. An effective source of information with past data allows users to buy a list of products conveniently.

eCommerce Mobile app examples

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Flipkart


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Gaming applications

Smartphones are evolving with every new model they release in the market. Most of the mobile phone manufacturing companies are known to release phones at least 2 in a month. This gives a lot of opportunities for users to compare before buying a phone. Playing mobile games is more like a full-time activity because there is both career growth and earning opportunities involved.

Game Mobile app examples

Social Media mobile applications

Social media is not only used as entertainment anymore. Some of the SM applications provide an opportunity for people to find a job and business easily. Therefore, displaying your professional presence in social media plays a vital role to enjoy potential growth over time. Social media applications are found in plenty, but it is up to you in finding a suitable one.

Social Media mobile app examples

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Productivity mobile applications

Productivity is a primary factor to consider while working on official tasks. You can find plenty of applications online, that helps you easily increase your productivity. Some of the apps are known to have been produced by reputed companies that can be used to perform various tasks. Tasks include both minor and major tasks based on the necessity

Productivity mobile app examples

  • Wallet apps
  • Docs
  • Video conference apps

Utility mobile applications

Utility applications have been attracting a lot of people in both urban and rural locations because of convenience factors. They allow users to pay bills and shop utility products in a single click. It saves plenty of time for users by avoiding any kind of physical travel to the support centre. Utility apps also include basic apps that help you do day to day work more effectively.

Utility mobile app examples

  • Alarms and clock apps
  • Bill pay applications
  • Notes and reminder apps

Information mobile applications

The modern-day apps are not only designed to make our job easier. It is also produced to offer information in a quick time. Majority of the news channels and government departments have provided an option for people to download apps. The applications keep updating daily in terms of content. New content always makes a way to know more information without charges.

Information mobile app examples

  • Daily Hunt
  • Sports tribune
  • Feedly
  • Reddit


Gone are the days when people were using websites to showcase and promote their business. The modern-day businesses have taken an extra step ahead to reach customers effectively. Mobile applications have surpassed the website technology for both businessmen and consumers.

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