Google Suite Updates 2022 | G Suite is now no longer FREE

Google has been offering G suite apps liberated too many users who signed up for free before 2012. However, the arrangement is certain to be changed as Google will discontinue its legacy G Suite app service, a collection of services that many people enjoyed free for a decade. It implies that each business user will have to upgrade to a paid subscription to Google Workspace now.  
In simple words, if you\’re among the lucky ones who are feasting on a free google suite account for all of your business communications, you won’t be able to make use of business emails, cloud storage along with a fleet of other services henceforth. 
The official G Suite Blog states that Google Suite users who don\’t seem to be eligible for a G Suite Business account will receive an email notification when the free edition is no longer available. 
Google has also announced that it\’ll be discontinuing support for G Suite users who are in the process of transferring to a brand new G Suite business account. The corporate says it\’ll end support for all G Suite users who have transferred to a different G Suite account, no matter whether the account is active. 

Immediate effects of Google Suite Updates 

To help users move their G Suite accounts, Google will be discontinuing the power to request a transfer to a different G Suite account. 
The changes are effective immediately. Google says it\’ll even be discontinuing the power to share files and documents with other G Suite users. 
All users will still be able to share files with Google Drive, Google Photos, and Google Keep users. 
In addition to the changes, Google is additionally discontinuing the flexibility to line up a piece or school email address with G Suite. The changes are effective immediately, and users are going to be ready to continue using work or school email addresses. 
Google is additionally discontinuing the flexibility to schedule emails for delivery via Google Calendar. people who have founded a Google Calendar account will still be ready to use the service as was common. 
Google is additionally discontinuing the power to feature or edit contacts on its Calendar app. Users who want to feature or edit contacts will have to use their personal Gmail accounts. 
Finally, the corporate is additionally discontinuing the power to form recurring events or set an alarm on its Calendar app. The changes are effective immediately, and users will not be ready to add recurring events or set alarms. 

What\’s the bottom line?

Google’s decision to discontinue unlimited cloud storage offering for Google Workspace for Education customers can be a transparent example that users who are serious about their business must not bank upon free services in any respect. Google discontinued free unlimited cloud storage offerings. 

Google first revealed its plan to end its legacy G Suite free edition in January. At that time, it gave the impression of everyone who signed up during G Suite in its period of time would be impacted. As a result, Google faced lots of criticism and decided to moderate its policy to only include users of G Suite who are using the service for commercial purposes. Folks that use G Suite legacy for noncommercial purposes (individuals and families) got the selection to opt from the forced Workspace transition. 

While the changes are an honest sign for several users, many of them won\’t be littered with these changes. 

What this implies is that email services that aren\’t tied to a Google account, like Gmail, can still work as they are doing today. 

There are some emails that aren\’t full of this transformation, such as: 
Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Chat

There are some emails that are laid low with the change, including: 
Google Allo, Allo for Android, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Sites for Android. 

For those who want to avoid the transition, opting out is crucial. G Suite legacy edition accounts are visiting be suspended starting quarter day, 2022 if you fail to act. 

 The Workspace transition won\’t affect those that use the free version of Gmail with a Google Account or YouTube, Google Photos, or the private version of Google Drive with 15 GB of free storage. 


What\’s the bottom line?


Google is making changes to its email services to make them better and more convenient for users. 

Some of these changes might not benefit all users. 

But for those that are still using Gmail on their personal devices, Gmail will now not be the default email service. 

Google is additionally discontinuing the utilization of labor email addresses in favor of their personal email addresses. 

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