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Take Away from Corona – Positive Effects of Corona without testing positive….

A lot is being said/written about the ill effects of Corona virus and also about the possible means to stay safe from getting infected with it. In fact, if one reads a newspaper or listens to the TV these days, one would get to read/hear only about Corona and nothing else at all. It is as if the whole world has come to a standstill and there is absolutely nothing to talk about other than corona. Never in our life time, we have ever witnessed one single word (corona) taking over the entire world. Such is the power of this most dreaded corona. To ward off corona, the entire village, entire city, entire state, entire country and even the entire world is under lockdown condition. Nobody never ever imagined that the entire mankind in this so called advanced age could be brought down on its kneels without the exception of status, colour or creed.

But is everything negative about this corona and is there nothing to take back as ‘lessons learnt’?

Here I have attempted to list a few of the lessons learnt (or I could even call it ‘take away’) from the lockdown (positive effects of corona without testing positive):

  1. Rivers and lakes have become cleaner and the water has turned blue
  2. Fishes and dolphins are able to swim and breathe in gay abandon without the interference from humans
  3. Elephants can roam as they wish on the roads passing along forests, without the fear of being obstructed by passing vehicles
  4. Peacocks can roam freely on the streets in a city like Mumbai (had anyone ever dreamt of this?) where probably even mosquitoes find it difficult to find some space.
  5. People can now see snow covered peaks from Jalandhar, a city more than 250 kM away from the mountains
  6. After some decades, Delhi and Bangalore are reporting almost nil air pollution
  7. One could hear birds chirping even in many of the metropolis
  8. Lady in a household is so happy to see her husband now doing the jaadu/poncha, vacuuming and so on
  9. Children can listen to stories from their parents as both have so much more time on their hands who hitherto had to do away from such so called luxury
  10. Couples have learned to stay under one roof for hours- on without possibly putting up a fight
  11. Employers have realized that more, if not most works can be done from homes than what was thought impossible
  12. Using easily available technology, one to one meetings in person can easily be avoided (in most cases) thus contributing to the reduction of already over stressed infrastructure, reducing pollution, reducing non productive hours spent on roads, reducing hyper tension of the office goers and thereby improving their health, more time on hand to do some productive work or for that matter, to spend more time with families, and the list can go on
  13. Office goers can now see the day light both in the morning as well as in the evening which hitherto they were deprived of
  14. Wallets remaining full with nothing to spend on, for many people
  15. Enormous reduction in flying out of a city or the country at the drop of a hat to attend to just one hour meetings

On a serious note, time has come for the top management of a lot of companies, especially in our country to seriously consider allowing  (at least some of ) their staff to work from the comfort of their homes which is beneficial to both apart from the contribution that they would be making for preserving the nature.

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