Shared hosting vs Dedicated hosting | Features | Key Differences

Adopting new technologies and concepts is a crucial factor to keep a constant growth. While buying a hosting package, it is essential to know the contents and the features. The article below gives you brief information about Shared hosting vs dedicated hosting and its features and fundamental differences.

Every business requires a website, and every website requires a hosting package. Not every business would be aware of the actual differences between different kinds of hosting. It is time to know more about available types and figure out the right options to manage a business or individual website.

Hosting can be considered as a storage drive to save all website related files. The storage drive would be located at someplace, or it would be saved in the cloud. The below-mentioned article gives out information to understand for a layman.

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What is Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is like a shared storage drive, that would be provided to multiple users to save website files. 

Some small scale and medium scale companies do not need a high storage device because of the usage. In this kind of case, shared hosting is highly recommended. It not only saves money but is also easy to manage from time to time.

Features of Shared Hosting

  • Required Disk space
  • Decent Uptime (depends on the hosting provider)
  • Support options
  • Pre-Installed Apps
  • Free Bonuses and discounts during the renewal

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What is Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting cost you more compared to shared hosting because of obvious reasons. Few large scale businesses require a dedicated server for themselves because of the data used internally and to save website files.

Dedicated hosting gives you more room to secure the data because the server is used by only one user or firm. There is no need to maintain the server. Most of the 3rd party hosting providers maintain themselves and include charges while selling the package.

Features of Dedicated Hosting

  • High availability or No Downtime
  • Multiple Operating system choices
  • Essential Server configuration
  • Various Hardware choices
  • Control panel options
  • Extensive Security
  • Server management
  • First-class technical support


Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting – Key Differences

Bandwidth & Disk Space

Bandwidth and disk space allotted to the server is less compared to dedicated hosting. As the bandwidth used by multiple sites, the limitation is more in shared hosting.

The disk space allotted would be used only by one user, and it plays a vital role in experiencing the bandwidth change. The limitations are less, but it depends on the company requirement.

Sites Hosted on the Server

Shared Hosting would usually have multiple sites hosted on the server. This could slow down the speed sometimes, but provides enough bandwidth to use decently.

Dedicated hosting would not have any site hosted unless the user does so. It is essential to know the bandwidth consumption if hosting multiple sites.

Security factors

A shared server gives you enough security depending on your hosting provider. A reputed hosting provider gives enough security to avoid any kind of breaches from external sources. 

Dedicated hosting requires a security professional to check and maintain security protocols of the server all the time. Unless you are buying a dedicated server from external sources, every organization requires a team of people to maintain and manage the server.

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Technical Skill Requirement

There is no need to have an extensive or even medium level technical skill requirement in shared hosting. Most of the 3rd party hosting service providers manage everything and offer a smooth flow of access while hosting websites.

Dedicated server management is available in two manors. It is highly recommended to have expert technical skill requirements while using dedicated servers because regular maintenance is essential to keep the servers fully functional.

Price of the hosting package

The price of the hosting package is less in shared hosting. Multiple people would use the storage disk, and the cost is shared among them.

Dedicated hosting is less expensive than shared hosting because the entire disk or the hosting server is allotted to one user. The cost also includes regular maintenance and quality accordingly.

Server Performance and Response Time

Server performance and response time is usually excellent in shared servers unless you are buying a hosting package from a non-reputed hosting service provider. As the server is shared among multiple users, it is obvious that the response time varies from time to time.

Dedicated servers offer the best performance and response time because multiple users do not use the servers. If you have a dedicated server professional maintaining regularly, then it is understood that the response time is less and gives better server performance.

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Level of Control

The level of control is less in shared servers comparatively because it would be handled by a familiar professional. Most of the 3rd party hosting service providers offer only limited control for users to explore effectively.

Dedicated servers would have complete control on the server. A complete control gives you enough room to play around to get a better performance and response time on the server. Most of the dedicated servers are managed by professionals with sufficient control to handle any kind of downtime.

Reselling space

Shared servers are generally used by individuals and do not have an option to resell unless the hosting service provider gives you an option. As space is allotted to more users, there would not be any space to sell in most cases.

If you have a dedicated server, you can resell the space to other users in case of any requirement. You can make money and manage the server with extra profits coming to your pocket now and then.


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The answer for shared hosting vs dedicated hosting is based on your requirement. Hence, you need to know and understand the necessity first before buying. Many small scale and medium scale organizations prefer shared hosting because it saves a lot of money and effort. Dedicated hosting is recommended to large scale companies because they can afford to buy and maintain the server regularly.

PQUBE is one of the reputed hosting service providers, who gives you an option to host your website by offering both shared and dedicated servers. Do contact us if you are looking forward to buying hosting at affordable costs without compromising quality and performance.

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